Comment: Who Are We Kidding?

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Who Are We Kidding?

This guy's absolutely right. If we were ordered to hand over our guns, we'd do it without hesitation. Why? Because we're scared to death of the state.

Like someone else said, look at what we're putting up with at the airport. TSA goons grope us, our wives and children. We willingly, gladly, and dutifully submit. It's all being equated with patriotic duty.

When the police beat the shit out of people in other countries like Greece, Ukraine and Chile, the people fight back. They actually take a stand. But not here. Here, we just lay down and take it.

If we're willing to put up with all that, then what makes us think we won't turn in our firearms without a fight?

"Home of the brave"? I think not. We're nothing but a bunch of scaredy cats, gutless wimps. We're no different from North Korea; We won't do a damn thing about government tyranny. We're not willing to go out of our comfort zones. I see no sign of rebellion anywhere in this country.

Sure, lots of people talk tough but they don't make good on their threats. Their bark is worse than their bite. Besides even if they tried to put up a fight, they'd be taken out by drones, armored vehicles, tanks and turned to dust in a heartbeat. They would not be considered heroes, they'd be considered crazy murderous thugs and terrorists and the people would just cheer on the government's murder of them. That's what happened in Waco.

This man is 100% correct. We need to stop kidding ourselves and face reality. Americans are just too stupid and clueless to see what's going on and the whole world knows it. They can see it but us.