Comment: So you will abandon the Ron Paul Republicans?

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So you will abandon the Ron Paul Republicans?

As you noted in your post, Ron will retire if he does not win the nomination and election, but he will not stop. To me that means he will continue to be backing those of us who did what he asked all of us to do, IN THE GOP.

Like many of us, I DID NOT WANT TO JOIN THE GOP. I joined anyways, and found it practically empty with 14 open seats. Now there are only 10 open seats as we have 5 Ron Paul Republicans seated. We are looking to fill the remaining seats. WHY? Because we intend to vet Ron Paul Libertarian issues and Republicans for future offices. I fully believe Ron Paul will be there for US, for those if US who didn't want to join the GOP, but did anyways.

We are changing the GOP from the inside. We don't think Romney is going to win, so we see this as our opportunity to grow, get stronger, and prepare for 2016.

I don't understand why some here IGNOR us as if we didn't exist. The Neocons and MSM do the same thing. Why are you? We made the sacrifices, did the work, and made many of the central committees more like Ron Paul Meet-ups, and you don't care? You don't care what we did? You don't care about us? You want us to fail like you hoped Ron Paul would fail, because you employ with holding your participation, in hopes he, and we, will do it your way. What you don't seem to get is, WE DID IT YOUR WAY. We understand from decades of experience as former Libertarians and Indys WHY it doesn't work. You think you know better than Ron Paul and all of us who have decades of experience?

The kicker is, you are under the influence of MSM. The very MSM you rant about, you BELIEVE what they say, not what we say. YOU BELIEVE MSM and not us.

Why you refuse to join Ron Paul and us is because you believe the propeganda from MSM, even on YouTube. You've seen the censorship, the fraud, the tremendous fight we have done for YOU, and still, you refuse to step up and be counted as one of us, hoping we will fail, so we can go back from where we came now that you are where we were.

It's really a shame, and I'm sorry for your choice, because you are snubbing a once and a lifetime opportunity based on your fear and hate you got from MSM, not us.

We're here for you, Ron Paul and each other. I'll bet anyone here: GJ will be returning to the GOP next year, like Bob Barr did, and all the other GOP establishment that for some reason the LP nominates each election.

I will pray that you will actually wake up and check us out, for we're not done, and I think it's better for ALL of us, if we stick together, kicking the old neocons out, replacing them with Libertarian values issues and candidates. There isn't any excuse not to. You really don't have a better plan than Ron Paul and Ron Paul Republicans. We're waiting for you to take your seat.

Please join us.