Comment: loyalty to "Party" or good governance of the nation

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loyalty to "Party" or good governance of the nation

The core issue is that the third parties are being dragged into a voting system that makes the "party" more important than governance. I'd like to share my resignation letter:

I have been thinking about my divided loyalties to both the libertarian principles of the Libertarian party and to Ron Paul's campaign, where so many people are rediscovering the Constitution. I believe a citizen's highest duty is to support good governance of the nation, state, and municipality. And I believe the de facto two party system builds its power to crush liberty by the very election laws that tempt people to be loyal to a group in the two party system and let the principles of freedom wither.

As my leader in spreading libertarian principles, I wanted to let you know that my conscience requires me to support Ron Paul's campaign at this time. And the bylaws require me to suspend my participation in formal "business" matters at this time.