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Comment: Probably most Billionaires,high Millionaires pay no taxes.

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Probably most Billionaires,high Millionaires pay no taxes.

When I was young-40 years ago- I remember the BS about how money would trickle down to the poor or middle class. What happened. Bush the Republican was President for 8 years ? It is time them Billionaires started paying some taxes and did their share to pay off the debt. Some billionaires are so rich they could pay off the debt of 15 trillion , all by themselves. But will they ? No ! Romney grew up helping his parents run for office. Even his mother ran for office. that is what Romney knows how to do. Run for office and make lots of promises. Tell the crowd what they want to hear and win their votes. Tell them you will solve all their problems. Obama and Ron Paul,both have more life experience then Romney does. Romney is a rich boy. He probably is looking for thrills and power, like running world war three by attacking Iran and Syria.