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This is not my opinion

This is business ethics 101. Note when I took my Fundamental of Engineering exam I got a 100% on ethics. I know how business ethics work. If this was Mitt Romney, you would be a howling monkey screaming at the moon.

This is not only my opinion, but also other We Are Change chapters as cited in Cryptome (the first Wikileaks).

Luke has not signed onto the principles of liberty. Luke regularly cites Ron Paul's Restore America Plan as draconic austerity (probably borrowing that from Tarpley).

There is no evidence this was Rand's doing. This is mere conjecture on your part.

Finally, Rand said for Luke to schedule an interview with him, very politely I may add. I guess Luke went to the O'reilly school of ambush journalism if he does not respect others, and their schedules.

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