Comment: You had to expect all the down votes

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You had to expect all the down votes

I figured out religion was a creation of man when I researched the orgins of Government about 3 years ago when I "woke up". It's tough enough waking up to the reality of the real world and for me, I also had to deal with letting go of god at the same time.

There are a handful or two of us atheists on the DP but most people here refuse to do the research and refuse to use logic and reason when considering who benefits by keeping the population in fear via religion. (and now terrorism)

For every child to come into the world "a sinner" and to grow up thinking both Santa Clause and God are "real" but around 8 years of age when most kids figure out Santa Clause isn't real...they logically begin to question if God is real too. But, all to often, every person in a position of authority will oontinue to tell the kid God is real.

Not much in my view other than physical abuse could be more damaging for a devoloping mind. It's no wonder so many people remain clueless and incapable of logical thinking.

Hopefully there will come a day when people stop beliving in superstitutions and accept the fact that there are somethings we just don't know..AND THATS OKAY! Making up a fantasical story and indoctrinating our children with the fantasy is not a valid mannor in which to answer to the questions about how we got here, why we are here, and what happens when we die.

Glad you have chosen logic and reason "The South". It only takes about 6 months to get past the pain of letting go of God...but once you do, oh is so much fuller and far less stressful.

Best Wishes.