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Oh ho ho, that was so-o-o-o

Oh ho ho, that was so-o-o-o condescendingly priceless; another 'Superior Position' taker voices his 'Explanation Of Everything' while getting in a stab at all us 'Mugs Who Haven't Realised where It's Really At'.

If you Ubermensch could just put the superior intellect on hold for one second and actually do the research you condemn everyone else for not doing, you'd find that a lot of people take up religion because THEY HAVE done the research. i was an atheist for over 10 years before becoming a Christian; I've been one for nearly 25 years. You don't have a monopoly on 'Logic and Reason', because they are merely mental tools for thinking, not philosophical positions. If anyone has done the Libertarian, humanist, free-thought movement more harm than pseudo-religious 'We Are The Elite, Cos We Think Right (and everyone who is right agrees with me)' Ayn Rand, I'd like to know who; her influence has been pernicious as far as not teaching people to think for themselves - while respecting the opinions of others - is concerned. Or perhaps Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Michael Novak, Robert Murphy, Leonard Opitz, Lew Rockwell, etc are just schizos.

I'll tell you the evidence for lack of logic and reason: it's peppering you 'argument' with value-laden words such as 'brainwash' 'superstition' 'dogma' 'incapable of logical thinking' 'abuse' 'fairytale' 'myth' 'indoctrination' etc., and thinking you have made an argument.

And I'll tell you what is the worst aspect of this: so-called Libertarians dictating what people should and shouldn't think, and without personally knowing most of us if any, declaring that we 'refuse to do the research and refuse to use logic and reason'.

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