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Comment: This is so lame on so many levels.......

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This is so lame on so many levels.......

Never mind the Old Testament is chock-full of Messianic prophecy. Yeah, some Roman conspiracy band of scholars got together and laboriously went through ALL the Jewish scrolls--mind you, they were not all assembled into one book like that Old Testament we have today----and then compiled a pseudo testament of the Savior where he quotes and/or is referred to by those same scriptures. A room full of monkeys with typewriters would have better odds recreating a plausible fraud.

You want some objective scrutiny of Christianity? Read the story "The Case for Christ" of Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel. An declared atheist, Mr. Strobel sought to discredit Christ, and instead, after years of research, became converted.

A final proof of divinity cannot be found in scriptures alone. One either accepts man as a mere higher form of animal, to be born, live and die, to eventually become food for the worms. That eternal oblivion awaits us all, making love and friendship a false illusion that will not survive death. That art and music is nothing more than "sound and fury, signifying nothing" but a means stimulate a chemical reaction to temporary excite our physical sense and help pass what little time we have in mortality.


One can embrace that man is a combination of a immortal spirit and a physical body, referred to as a soul. A spirit that can mediate and commune with a higher power. That good art and music are products of that spiritually, and not just gross manipulation of cheap sentimentality. That such spiritually leads to being motivated to do good for others, instead of seeking for one's self-interest. (I'm referring to personal charity here, folks, not free market economics, ok?). I refuse to believe that the maternal instinct and associated emotions such as love and kindness are solely evolutionary hard-wired for the sake of merely perpetuation the species.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin