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My guesses

Before I guess a guess as to what may be the problem with this failure to communicate I'm going to contrast an obvious successful process with the obvious unsuccessful one.

What does work to reach the common goal?

Jesus will return some day, it is written in scripture.

I want to believe as much, but for whatever reason that knowledge has not yet been my salvation.

I understand.

I trust that you do, and thanks for the help, teacher, I may need your help again, if that is possible.

No, it is you who are helping me.

Is that equity?

The process appears to be something along the lines of a mutual agreement and each can't dominate the other with superiority of any significance, for some reason.

Something may be a work that is not as definable as the rate of gravitational acceleration, something more along the lines of an inability to actually know what gravity is, exactly, and the willingness to admit ignorance?

Open minds?

What does not work, by contrast?

How can something that does not work be well defined, in contrast with that which does work, if the idea is to know better?

Josf: I think all taxes should be voluntary and I only want to pay what I want to pay.

If I may speak for myself while the door has been so graciously opened as if someone actually welcomed the news I may report despite the hazards often found in a steady supply of unfortunate events World Wide, if not in the gate, and at the door knocking.

A tax is something real or it is something pretending to be something real so which is it in this case?

An actual thing.

A counterfeit version of an actual thing (a false thing, which is a thing, but why call it a tax if in fact it is accurately measured as a deception, not a tax)?

From there anyone's guess is probably better than mine.