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Walking and chewing gum

Any prostitute can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Voting for Gary Johnson is NOT supporting Ron Paul Republicans. It is showing TPTB MSM progeganda works and they have bought YOU. GJ is a GOP red herring occuying an empty party.

Why doesn't GJ ask you to take a seat on a LP central committee? Why doesn't GJ ask you to run for office, or form a PAC or many PACs? GJ is a straw man who will return to the GOP when he's finished being a GOP pawn for an issue they don't want to deal with, and Ron Paul Republicans do?

As a former LP member, like Ron Paul, and 2 others on my central committee, we are tired of being misled and losing. We are on the front lines, we need support, and GJ is a vote for those who don't have the guts to fight, the brains to know what is actually happneing, the heart to actually get in there and stop losing.

Divided we fail, and that's what GJ wants most of all.

Bet me that in January he doesn't rejoin the GOP.