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I am Catholic

I believe in a trinity. Jesus is on my cross. Jesus sacrificed his life for me and my sins, washed them away, sheilds me from harm, protects me from evil, comforts me so that I do not suffer, lifts me from the gloom and doom of the world. I don't know about being "Right", all I know is Jesus is the way, the light, the path, and my life is actually better, richer, happier, healthier. Things I thought I could not do, I have done.. I believe in miracles, I have seen many, things that are beyond reason, science, technology, and so I have FAITH. I do not fear death. My life has been extraordinary and I have experienced so much, I am gratdul for my life. I am thriving and happy. My Church is wonderful and amazing, and I marvel at how the readings and gospel speak to my heart and soul, answering my questions and stregthening my courage to remain in good fights with determination. That is the difference.

Whatever source you have, I hope it does for you what my Church and God does for me. We do not evangelize in the Catholic Church. God or not, whatever your being is about is for YOU and YOU alone.