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Comment: Actually, Willard's tax drama does somewhat fit in.

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Actually, Willard's tax drama does somewhat fit in.

We're supposed to be against Washington corruption and hypocrisy, right? Well, the fact that Willard loved to propose tax hikes while governor of Massachusetts but now refuses to prove whether or not he actually pays the "fair share" he expects his constituents to pay typifies exactly the kind of arrogant career-politican attitude that we're trying to remove from power.

Regardless, the benefit of Willard's tax returns drama doesn't impact our message - it helps strategically instead pretty much no matter what. By dragging out this drama further, Willard looks weak and also appears to be hiding something. If he releases the full tax returns and it turns out that he's been committing all sorts of felonies, then he pretty much has to drop out. Either way, it makes Willard look extremely unelectable right before the convention.

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