Comment: Gary is a non-factor

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Gary is a non-factor

As many below have stated, Gary Johnson is a nice guy. It's his policies and positions that are under attack. He is a bigger flop flopper than Mitt Romney and is so inconsistent that he makes John Kerry look consistent. The LP seems to be in a cycle of nominating neo-cons, which is what GJ is. Here is just a brief look at what a Johnson foreign policy would look like, according to Johnson himself.

Johnson says he supports U.S. military intervention in Uganda

He may continue drone strikes in Pakistan

He would keep US bases in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East

He supports foreign intervention for "humanitarian" reasons, which Ron has warned us over and over only takes money from poor people in the United States to give to rich people in other countries...

Anyone who thinks that these positions are consistent with Dr. Paul's foreign policy may very well be so far removed from reality that they believe GJ is actually polling at 19%.

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