Comment: RNC is missing the Point Romney is not electable.

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RNC is missing the Point Romney is not electable.

Incompetence will win over elitism. You have one in ten jobs in America being tied to Germany where Wiemar and reunification instilled savings respect. In the mean time we fiance empire to our economic disadvantage. Carl Rove is directly responsible for the RNC problems.. Iowa changing Florida fraud in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the MSM total dedication to drumming down America. Specious arguments on Health Care (65% government and if you count FDR "Quasi" Blues more) foreign intervention and all the talk at the point of a gun "American exceptional-ism. It really does not matter who wins the election and the money that is a joke too America spends more on yogurt than elections. Freedom is the issue force in labor, force in mutual fund choice, force in pension allocation.. all blow back... We really only have one choice look in the mirror and fix problems.

Lets see if rule 38 of RNC and voter right laws are obeyed. NO DELEGATE IS BOUND. Lets see if the RNC is real patriots or just more 1% of controlled markets.