Comment: There is such a thing known as "psy-ops" by the way.

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There is such a thing known as "psy-ops" by the way.

This article just provides further proof and absolute evidence, of that very fact. A psy-op used to induce Alex Jones movie drama.

The writer is assuming that Americans have become so addicted to T.V., they'll just lay down and die for the government and willingly turn in their guns in massive droves.

All I can say is, I would like to hear where this writer lives and if it's close to New York City at all. Because that sure isn't the reality of this country here.

If such a stupid action was taken by the government, there are millions who won't even go to the door. They will act like they aren't home, pull out their guns and begin sniping at all the people lined up to "take" the guns from outside the first tier of their house. They won't be talking.

This will be an action that was forced upon them, so you best believe they will all shoot and ask questions later. If this actually happens in a guarded community, you better believe the entire neighborhood will be involved, shooting off the heads of these foreign invaders who are trying to take said guns.

After this escalates and the victim is wounded, you better believe the gun owner won't lay down. Not even six thousand feet away from these suburbs, is an all out wilderness-laced forest surrounded by high cliffs. That is where the Gun owner will head once the wound is treated, and that is where all his friends will be headed.

And not less than 600 feet away from there, is interlocking mountain ranges buried in the deep woods. Good luck for the government (U.N troops) having a fun time in there. In the pitch-black forest region? Stop smoking those drugs, son.

At that point all their toys are at a very high disadvantage, including drones, because people have trained 20/20 vision in the dark. They will hide, invisible to their eyes in all areas one can imagine. Troops will die left and right by the hundreds. Many times over as the government tries to search those woods, reinforcements will be picked off like cattle on the slaughter range.

Do you think war is a joke or something to celebrate!??!!? I guarantee the government will think twice about such stupid, idiotic actions given the amount of lives that will be lost. They won't have sufficient man-power when the police begin aiding the rebels, especially if all the rebels are outside in the pitch-black forest.

The government isn't about to force guns out of people's hands in such an ignorant, suicidal display. It won't happen. It will happen in large cities, more and more by biological attack, but out in the rest of the wild west you can forget it. That ship has long ago sailed.

They sign their death warrant the minute they attempt to go on an "all out" confiscation warpath, or they'd already have done so! These cowards won't ever do it one time. That is not to say they won't keep the tyranny going and confiscating arms in the cities, stoking civil wars and mayhem, they will do that gladly and you will see just that to add fire to their case.