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What IF RP endorses GJ?

Than every Ron Paul Republican who took a GOP committee seat and has campaigned and won an office, as a Ron Paul Republican will be screwed politically, and have no chance to continue as a Ron Paul Republican, for the Neos will move to out them and make their lives HELL where they live.

I just don't see Ron Paul doing that to those of us who have gone into the GOP, not because we wanted to, but because he asked us to.

IF Ron Paul endorses GJ, it will be the most humiliating and embarrassing moment of my life. I will be eating crow from every Neocon who said, Ron Paul is a Libertarian, get out of the GOP and back to your pot smoking third party of losers. Why would Ron Paul want me to eat crow by the Neocons? I believe Ron Paul is a man of integrity. I do not believe that of GJ.

I believe RP has come to see GJ for what he really is, a red herring.