Comment: I live in the deep country. I am Ron Paul. His positions.

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I live in the deep country. I am Ron Paul. His positions.

No matter where Ron Paul goes, I carry his message.
The name isn't important.

Trained in the back woods to defend freedom when it comes to that. Know how to hunt, fish and more since I live in the country.

If Ron Paul was under lethal attack, I would be right there to defend him and take these sons of sods down. That is how important freedom is for me.

Even with Ron Paul in there, I know the massive job this is going to take to clear these criminals out of here. That is why with the backing of the Militias, I will and would gladly enforce Ron Paul's order to shut down and split the CIA into two halves, arrest and jail the head directors of the CIA, and permanently shut down the Federal Reserve system.

I will also work with the militia to enforce Ron Paul's executive order to suspend foreign aid and shut down the unconstitutional National Security Agency. That is what it's going to take, and the transition while rough is better than all out war. I also support Drake and all their arrests they have done of bankers where the arrests have actually been reported by the news.