Comment: O.k.,awesome! So, RP now

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O.k.,awesome! So, RP now

O.k.,awesome! So, RP now dislikes Johnson. Although he had some nice things to say about the guy a little over a year ago. Got it. Johnson isn't Ron Paul, and though he apparently did a decent enough job for his state, he sucks. Check.

So, barring something really awesome in Tampa, what's the plan to get RP elected? In Vt he would have to receive over fifty percent of the vote as a write-in to even be counted. Anything less than 50.00001 and his name will not even see the newspapers. What are the rules in the other states? RP supporters up here did a fair job during the primary. We'd probably be crazy enough to try a non-candidate supported candidacy. What th' hell, right?

I've been spreading the word up here the whole damn time. I haven't stopped. I've converted some and continue to try. So, is there some well funded, write-in campaign that is being kept hidden in the shadows if things don't quite work out at the convention? Has Dr. Paul, who said he is not planning to run third party, agreed to assume office if the write-in campaign is successful?

Is the write-in campaign going to be a campaign? Doesn't sound like it so far. I haven't felt the same organizational fervor.

I'm looking for some direction as the write-in option looks to be a longer shot than the GOP nomination. Not that I'm not game for it. Is there a plan c or is it a wait and all will be revealed kind of thing?

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