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Right... its those evil gay

Right... its those evil gay people who want... you know... equal rights who are hateful.

The man has the right to serve who he wants. Rom Emanuel does "not" have the right to use the force of government to block this dipshit from spreading his toxic garbage to any who are willing to eat there.

Are some gays collectivist assholes who try to cram their views down your throat through force of government? Or get special rights you don't have? Sure.

That said: People can be as pissed and vocal as they like about this bigot. I think he's a piece of human garbage and I hope he goes out of business. The market however should be the final arbitor. I think anyone who wants to use their insipid mythology to bar equal rights and protection of law from another human who has not violated anyone else's rights is a collectivist scum bag and is, him/herself the one committing the crime when they try to put their primitive belief-system into legislative action. The utter hypocracy of those who believe in a free Republic and want to ban gay marriage at a legislative level is utterly amazing and makes the mind-boggling oxymoron of people who hold diametrically opposed views at the same time stand out vividly.

You think Christianity is under attack!? The human race has been under attack since the virus of religeon was first introduced into our brains by the first primitive humans who looked up at the moon, wondered what it was, and then listened to the asshole know-it-all who made up some BS story to explain what he didn't know.

Humans will never be free of collectivism until we are free of it on all levels. Humans will never stop believing in absolute nosensical BS from government until we stop molding our children to accept it spiritually from birth.