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No doubt. But thats how

No doubt. But thats how modern politics works. They make a "left" issue so outrageous, that it draws out the extremest "right." All you hear is the totalitarians deciding which form of statism is better. anti-human communism, or racial hate-charged facism.

Same with the executive office. They put a communiest up who is so dispicable, that people will elect a facist because anyone's better than the commie. Then in 4/8 years.. you reelect another communist. Back and forth, back and forth.

And by the way. @#$% traditional marriage. Its a falicy. We have game-shows on TV where contestants compete for who gets to marry the prostitute-prize at the end. Divorce rates in this country are ridiculous, and statistically IDENTICAL between christian couples and non-chrisitan couples. We have tons of single parents. We have a broke-ass nuclear family which was never a very good idea in the first place, and Christians are worried about Gay people getting married?

Doesn't even appear in the top 10 in the bible. 3 meager referances in the entire book, and its what they focus on as though its the issue Jesus got nailed up for. ridiculous.

Im an athiest, and my wife moved in with me the first day we met. We didn't get married for ten years, have two beautiful girls and will NEVER get divorced. However we are nothing like what Christians would call a "Traditional Marriage" and never will be, I'd put my marriage up against any of those "traditional marriages" out there and guarantee we're a hell of a lot happier.

Also, this garbage about "Marriage is between a man and a woman." So what? The Constitution says all MEN were created equal. Does that mean we should deny women rights? Get with the times. Its not helping the human race to hold onto primitive collectivist control-freak views. Libertarianism is the only way to go, and no man may have two masters. You're either into freedom, or your not.

You know you wonder why most gays are Democrats. Who would want to be a Republican when most of the religeous nut-jobs in the party think you are a second class citizen and should be denied equal rights? Oh, but you can have a civil union... which is mostly the same thing. Here, you can drink out of that water fountain, but not this one that the rest of us use.

What happened to "Judge not lest ye be judged yourself?" God's a big boy, and if you're convniced he hates those gay people HE created... im sure he can shovel them all into the fires of hell all on his own without you having to be a collectivist dipshit and use government as a club to deny them rights here on earth.

The Constitution guarantees the right of contract to everyone. You want to have marriage without those pesky gay people being allowed in? Get government out of marriage. It should never have been involved anyway. Let churches decide who they want to marry. They can huddle into their little frightened circles and cry about how all those derned colored folks and gays are takin over the world on their own time. If the government's doing it... it needs to be equal for everyone.