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I very reluctantly voted up......

There are many more important reasons as to not vote for GJ that you missed~ all though your post did touch on a couple,( prolife, taxes, reason for the up vote)..

How can a "liberty candidate" not want to protect innocent life where ever it may be found? This is one of the most important platforms of government, to protect (innocent) life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Oh, well,

GJ's campaign is still broke, in MASSIVE debt and he continues to spend, beg, borrow and steal but will never win.

In order for a small guy to win, he would need to be a constitutional conservative.
GJ is neither.

Over all good post but I wish it was a little more clear on "why" these reasons you gave were important to liberty and constitutional government, which obviously you realize GJ has no devotion to either.
His campaign is going to stick a lot of small businesses, venues and staffers with the bill, or no check...
He is spending like a whore in victorias secret and doesnt even know if he can pay it back.
He will leave the stage owing Americsns and American business millions, no diff then newt, bachmann, cain and Perry.
That bugs me.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016