Comment: The man's a dispicable bigot

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The man's a dispicable bigot

The man's a dispicable bigot and I hope he goes out of business and takes his hordes of collecitivst zombie bigot religeous fanatics with him.

I also think he should be free to say what he likes and deny anyone access to his toxic garbage food. The free market should decide, and the gov should stay the hell out. Anyone who willingly goes to the ballot box and casts a vote to deny gay people, or any people equal rights through a force of government belongs in a prison cell for comitting an act of unjustified aggression against another. Because thats what happens when you deny people their natural rights and infringe upon their liberty... you lawefully forfit your own.

Oh no! same sex people kissing!? Eeeee. Get a grip. Its kissing. I don't like watching ugly people kissing either. That doesn't mean I think its the destroyer of worlds. I take a whole lot more offense to the fact that a group of fanatics run around, perfectly okay with the fact that their "ruler" is stuffing an overwhelming % of the worlds population into a giant flaming torture chamber forever, and they don't lift a finger in protest. Worse than nazi prison camp guards.