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Competitive examples

What did you see looking up to your parents?

Does that help, remembering those experiences, to put yourself in your children's shoes?

My Dad went to Korea, joining the Army.

I remember him saying to us boys when we were little:

"Don't join anything."

On his deathbed, figuratively, or perhaps literally, he explained that advice in detail, but I only remember the three words well.

So placing yourself in your shoes, wondering just exactly what your parents left you, and just exactly how well your parents prepared you, and now being parent, you take their shoes, you take parent shoes, and you can imagine being back in your children's shoes.

They can't imagine being in your shoes, that is a bit of a leap.

"How shall I do this setting of an example?"

Word choices confess something?

No mention of quality or cost?

If all you do is set an example, neither better or worse, neither better today than yesterday, or worse today than yesterday, then I think there is a clinical word for that, in context of this thread and this subject.

That is narcissism. There is no such thing as better or worse for anyone other than you, if I understand how narcissism works.

You are not one, unless I've been the biggest dupe for the past few months.

I can't make you read the work done by Eric Fromm or even Robert Lindner, but I can link the sources and some other person on some other path may pick those things up.

I can condense.

If you were a clinical narcissist your children would be as valuable to you only is the context of how they serve your interests, like a chair, or some inside information on a football game.

Those people (narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths) are the best of the best Friends of Despotism, and they rise to the top of counterfeit government.

We are up against specialists in the field, genetically perfect for the job of being very good at being very evil.

If you are that, then what I have to say won't make any sense, unless you are seeking "talking points" with which to cover up lies with half truths, and you have run out of current material to pick from a hat, cut and paste, to order the minions around, and hand them the script to read, or else, someone else will read the script and be paid handsomely for parroting very destructive lies.

I'm off on a tangent.


What would you want your parent to do if you were your child?

That is not only easy for you to do, it is impossible for you not to do that, so your question is, to me, like you testing me, not you asking me a question.

Did I pass?


"What mistakes are people getting ready to make that I have already made?"

Think of one mistake you have made and then ask yourself if you would have listened had someone clued you in before you took that fatal (figurative) step.