Comment: What in the world is this about anyway? All democrats like Gays?

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What in the world is this about anyway? All democrats like Gays?

Where is the rule in the "DEMOCRATIC PARTY" literature that says, at all times, "GAYS MUST BE ABOVE THE LAW" and never be criticized not to mention NAMBLA??

I think I missed that part in their pamphlets.

What is so wrong with pointing out the gay hypocrisy? He did it one time and they want to excommunicate him from the party? Why?

He didn't call for any gays to be attacked, he said point of factly, he doesn't agree gay people should be in leadership positions.

After all Bush, Ackerman, Dewhurst, FDR, all of them were not only communists but also liked other men. That means they were gay and they were in leadership positions.

This is a very, VERY serious issue because it degrades society and tries to teach to thousands of people that being gay is good. Also, FDR's bisexual/gay trists are what led to his communism!

So it does deserve to be criticized, when it affects national security you better believe it does. This would not be anything to write about if the people who were gay, were not the same people taking over the most powerful offices and positions in the country.

Being gay isn't wrong, no. But nobody needs gay collective addicts, drug addicts or pedophiles in government positions.

The Democratic Party has no rights to remove him from congress. They are exposing their communist-fascism streak by pulling this crap.

Rachel Maddow should look at it from the wider view: Why should gay people be getting high government jobs that decide the country's very future?