Comment: Are you Gary's spin doctor?

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Are you Gary's spin doctor?

Are you Gary's spin doctor? He said what he said. His comments to the Daily Caller are consistent with his comments on Fox news, also linked, in 2011. These views should not shock anyone since his top policy adviser was Doug Turner for nearly 10 years. Turner is now CFR leadership.

I still am not sure why you keep calling Ron's 2010 comment a Johnson endorsement. He never endorsed.

Let's look at it another way. Would you endorse someone and then run against them?

For a moment though let's pretend this is Burger King and that you can have it your way. If Ron had endorsed Gary (which he didn't) that endorsement would most certainly end the moment Ron announced he was running against Johnson. It's pretty clear Ron must have decided that Gary was not the best afterall.

Ron has also made clear that no Johnson endorsement will be forthcoming.

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