Comment: This is seriously IMPORTANT!

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This is seriously IMPORTANT!

I know a lot of Ron Paul supporters sincerely believe homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice, but, just the way homosexuals are born. I respect that opinion and am not asking ANYONE to change their opinion. But, this is bigger than petty biological disagreements on sexuality. Most states (32) including Tennessee have Constitutional amendments defining the legal definition of marriage in their states as between a man and woman and homosexual marriage is recognized by the government in 8 states, so, this guy's affiliations with Public Advocate will not affect homosexuals one way or the other. Marriage will remain, as it Constitutionally should, a state issue regardless if this guy is elected Tennessee Senator or not.

Bob Corker is a RINO's RINO and a NEOCON's NEOCON. By convincing Tennesseans that Mark Clayton is more Conservative than Bob Corker, Clayton WILL BEAT Corker in November. Remember, most older voters in Tennessee started out Democrats, so, a Conservative Democratic upset in Tennessee is not impossible.