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Comment: Kind Of Genius. I Think?

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Kind Of Genius. I Think?

I am gay, so, even if I wanted to be anti-gay, I couldn't be.

But I suppose it's all in all a good win for liberty. I'm not surprised he got elected - he pulled the traditional marriage card.

Down here in da south you gotta use that keyword "traditional marriage" in all your propaganda and that gets you about 60% of the way there.

I live in Oklahoma, and Tennessee is every-bit as evangelical. I would not be at all surprised if this guy got elected because he was anti-gay marriage.

That's how people in the south think. They're scared to death of social change. They're taught that if they even tolerate homosexuals they're embracing THE DEVIL. It's THAT important to them. They care more about stopping gay marriage than they do the hundreds of thousands we kill overseas. It truly amazes me just how important my having a right to legal marriage is to the tyrannical majority in this country. They think America is crumbling, not because of debt or war - no, because of them homosexhals!! God'll send a swarm of locusts down on em! They think about GAY MARRIAGE more than I do!


I'm willing to be used as the hated minority, if that's what it takes for true liberty-defenders to get elected. Screw it. We can play the game, but in a smart way. Use the peoples stupidity against them. It's genius! Pretend to be anti-gay, or genuinely anti-gay (I don't care) but because you're libertarian - support no legislation to enforce it.

I'M GAME. Let's do this. Maybe I can run? Might seem a bit disingenuous but I can watch the wrist.