Comment: Tossing Bankers in Icelandic Harbors Grants Speedy trial.

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Tossing Bankers in Icelandic Harbors Grants Speedy trial.

The cold water temperature in & about Iceland may have contributed to the rapid recovery of Iceland. Once the international bankers were cast off the island, even those that might have swam like a shark in warm mater, found Icelandic sea temperatures... rather cold.

Boston Harbor water is not near so cold. Bankers might survive. They might demand their right to a speedy trial.

Here are 3 centuries of Icelandic water temperature recording. Please use the attached report for planning purposes.

Icelandic Coastal Sea Surface Temperature Records Constructed: Temperature recordings from 1700 to present. Putting the Pulse on Air–Sea–Climate Interactions in the Northern North Atlantic. Part I: Comparison with HadISST1 Open-Ocean Surface Temperatures and Preliminary Analysis of Long-Term Patterns and Anomalies of SSTs around Iceland (Manuscript received 21 October 2005, in final form 14 February 2006). Color charts, graphs, & tables. 15 pages.

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