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There is only ONE path traveled by anyone, any one person, since time makes life a monopoly game, where your path is the one you take, not the one you don't take. But everyone does not have to follow the same path.

Bear you really do teach by your example of determination, so now I really have to be as determined to avoid speaking in riddles.

Our most recent discussion concerns parents and children and how that connection illustrates the power to pass on STUFF (power) from generation to generation.

Children have no experience so they are like sponges to water; where their capacity to fill up with water is high and where water is experiences, so they soak up experiences as parents tell stories to their children with words and deeds, as the children watch, listen, and learn, but not necessarily obey without question.

You may be looking for a specific thing that you need to know and my speeches that sound to you like riddles, and you letting me know that I am not providing the information you want to know, forces me (voluntarily) to work harder (taxing me voluntarily) to find a better way to communicate more effectively or more accurately.

Now we are back to a subject concerning Competitive Money Options.

Now I start out with this sentence:

There is only ONE path traveled by anyone, any one person, since time makes life a monopoly game, where your path is the one you take, not the one you don't take. But everyone does not have to follow the same path.

That is not intended to be a riddle, it intends to begin explaining how you or I, or anyone else, can know, without error, if there is Competitive Money Options or if the Options are all Counterfeit Options.

Making this personal may help, and so the idea is to first place in front of you the last two paths that you have in front of you and then you actually travel the path that you take and know the reasons why you choose that path, and then you can know one reason why one of many people choose that path and that helps explain all the people on this ONE path:

Why did so many people "choose" the path that is denominated in U.S.A. Inc (LLC) Federal Reserve Legal Fraud Currency?

Why do so many people wake up and keep using the worst money that costs so much?

The answers are many but there is a common denominator, an answer that explains why so many people find their own reasons to keep using the worst money.

There is no competition. All the available LEGAL money is counterfeit, and fraudulent, with few exceptions (local currencies), your own currency (not necessarily "monetary" in a legal sense), and so people wake up knowing that PRESSURE is upon them, they must either die or pay taxes, and so they have to get some Dollars, or else, and the or else is to die trying.

If there were competition there would be evidence, hard evidence, right in front of you, leaving no room for doubt, you would have 1,000 choices each morning, and immediately you could discard all but 2 choices, and then you would proceed through the day earning and then gaining the "fruits of your labor" denominated in the best currency out of the 1,000 choices that you can pick from in the morning.

As soon as the one denomination you had been using becomes less competitive, during that day of earning the "fruits of your labor" denominated in that denomination that becomes worse that day, you know when waking up that you are not going to use that worse currency this new day, you will convert at the well known, and accurate exchange rate, and now, today, you earn the "fruits of your labor" denominated in the Competitive Money Option of today, not the non-competitive, non-money, non-option of yesterday.

That would be the evidence that proves the fact, in a personal way, so that you can now see why someone else may also be not choosing a Competitive Money from the available Options.

This ties in with the concept of a Competitive Legal Option too, in a very important way, a significant way, since our Political Power Choices are ONE, not two, and certainly not 50 States to choose from, because we have to use the same money.

So imagine working all day, or all week, or all year, trying desperately to earn the "fruits of your labor", you doing your special work, your husband doing his special work, your children just beginning to get the big picture by your example, where they too will begin to earn the "fruits of their labor" and you have had enough, things are not working out, you begin to look for a Competitive Option to the way things are, so you move from one State to another State, but you are still using the same Money.


Imagine, for a minute, that you are not you, and Jeff is not Jeff, instead you are imagining that you are Daniel Shays, and Jeff is another Revolutionary War veteran, you both earned the "fruits of your labor" by fighting violent battles against The Red Coats, and now, after you drove those bad guys off your Land, new bad guys in your State are taking what you earn, new bad guys in Massachusetts are stealing the "fruits of your labor" with fraudulent money, and so you have two choices in this imaginary exercise in practical political economy.

An armed march on the State Armory to take the power to enforce the laws of your State away from the criminals and hire non-criminals to run the State instead of the State being run by criminals.

Move to Vermont and let those criminals kill each other off if that is what they want to do with their power to earn the "fruits of their criminal labor".

You and Jeff move instead of doing what Daniel Shays did first. Daniel Shays chose the armed march on the Massachusetts Armory choice first, so as to regain control of his State government, he said: Give me Liberty or get the hell out of my way. He lost the military battle, and then moved to Vermont.

So in theory you can cut out the need to fight the military battle, when the Government is Truly a Competitive Money Option, and Truly a Competitive State Option, all you have to do, in reality, not theory, is to move to a State with non-criminals, no criminal military, and no criminal fraud money monopoly, just move, and let the violent criminals kill each other off in the criminal states, and let the criminal frauds cheat each other into their own self made poor house too, if that is their choice.

Back to reality.

You found out that the problems you intended to leave behind followed you in the form of a NATIONAL TAX DEBT denominated in a LEGAL MONEY FRAUD CURRENCY.

In the case of Daniel Shays, before the MONEY MONOPOLY FRAUDS took over the former Federal Government, making it a Nation State, Daniel Shays found sanctuary in Vermont.

Is that word an accurate word in this case?

You may be able to help clarify this particular focus of attention.

What does sanctuary mean?

Did I use the true meaning of the word (does the meaning of the word make sense in this context) or should I focus attention on a different word for what Daniel Shays found when he ran away from the enslavement forced upon him in Massachusetts, as he ran to Vermont and found sanctuary (or some other word the works better to describe what he found in Vermont when he ran from TAX DEBT slavery)?

Can I start using a Competitive Money Option this day?

Am I asking the same question if I ask: Can I stop providing the means by which I suffer this day?

Am I asking the same question if I ask: Can I stop allowing the "fruits of my labor" to flow, as power, from me to a very evil group of criminals who are hiding behind a False Front of National Law POWER, and a false front of National Money Monopoly Power, this day, so as to stop buying my own demise, and so that I can stop buying the demise of my own children, and so that I can stop buying the demise of any other innocent people anywhere as they will be crushed by those people collecting the "fruits of my labor" through the fraudulent legal money monopoly system?

BRIC is what?

I think it is another counterfeit money competitor.

If BRIC is "better" than The Dollar Hegemony then we will be paying into BRIC too, so that BRIC can steal better than The Dollar Hegemony.

Out with the old boss (master) and in with the new boss (master) as the one master sells the slaves to the other master, and some of us are worn out and pretty much used up by now, so we are sold at a discount.

A slave clearance sale.

Useless slaves are not worth the bullets it takes to shoot them.

Runaway slaves, on the other hand, are very dangerous to Legal Criminals, they cost a lot to crush, and some of them refuse to pay the bills that are charged to them for the costs of crushing them.