Comment: Religion & Authority.

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Religion & Authority.

thank you for your attention & response, and please excuse my delayed reply. I did read Bess's article & your post again.

Rev Bess is no authority, neither was it suggested in my post to you. I simply forwarded the link to his article after reading the title of your post above =>
[Paul "authorized" himself -- He did not know Christ in the Flesh = by OctoBox on 08/02/2012 01:37].

Rev Bess wrote something similar = [ ~ ~ a theological construction of Paul, who never knew Jesus and had little knowledge of his life. Indeed, in Paul’s many writings, he never indicates any awareness of the life of Jesus or his teachings.]

It was a mere coincidence, when I read your exchange with MaxK I had an open tab with Rev Bess's article, - (I do not recall how I reached there), then I felt it would be useful in your discussion, so I sent the link to you.

Now I feel it should be shared on top of page. When people are seeking, without arrogant stubbornness they are more open to discussion - and shed what is false, foul, or useless, - then they will find the alternate, get closer to & receive the True.