Comment: Whether you love Jeese, like

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Whether you love Jeese, like

Whether you love Jesse, like him, hate him, want to french kiss him, want to stab him....whatever the case may be....It does not change the fact that Ron has given him authority to speak on his behalf.

As with any campaign, there are people who speak for the candidate. Also, Jesse is married to Ron's granddaughter. So besides being a staffer he is also family. It's pretty safe to say he knows what he is talking about when it comes to Ron's intentions.

So unless you can cite something, after May of this year when Ron's campaign made clear there would be no Johnson endorsement, where Ron corrects this comment from his spokesperson it is pretty darn certain this is a done deal. Add to that the fact that Ron has never, ever, ever endorsed a pro-abortion candidate for POTUS. In fact, the three people Ron actively supported since 1976 have made being pro-life a central part of their campaigns. Add to that the fact that Johnson has admitted he is a neo-con. There will be no endorsement by Ron...At least not for Gary Johnson. I understand that you disagree, that's great! Time will tell.

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