Comment: The delegates need to revolt in Tampa!

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The delegates need to revolt in Tampa!

Romney is not a Conservative. He's not even Republican. Why would a Republican Delegate vote to nominate him?

An attempt to reach all of the GOP National Delegates is being made in order to educate them about Romney BEFORE they make that fateful vote.

Delegates are being told by their state GOP parties that they MUST vote for Romney. That they are bound to do it with pledges and state rules and other silly fabricated nonsense.

This is how desperate the RNC/GOP has become. They have to resort to outright lies in order to try and force the Delegates to accept Romney.

Roughly 400 people will be canvasing Tampa in the days leading up to the convention and during the convention until the day of the vote. They will be seeking out all of the Delegates and handing them information leaflets explaining to them exactly what they should be doing to prevent Romney from being nominated.

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