Comment: Ha... what took you so long.

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Ha... what took you so long.

In one of Michaels latest posts, he said "put your money where your mouth is" when he was talking about the future of DP. I was a paying member up until last week. It was my choice not to pay to be spammed by the GJ crap.

Nystrom said he was upset, but has promised someone that he will not share with us why. I feel we are sharing his pain, yet he is making it difficult for some of us to monetarily support the site, because of the very few members that spam us.

Well, back in the day we would donate to this site and Michael would send us thank you post cards that have his artwork on them. I proudly display mine beside my desk. I also have a DP T-shirt to show my support. I also use the Amazon link here at the DP for my purchases so that it helps the DP.

I do not have any answers, I can only speak for myself. I will let you know that a alternate website was created by Khomar & other members here a long time ago. We all became very close friends on there.

It is still an active forum, but very little traffic, after the last election it slowed way down. I will post the link if you want to check it out. I am known as Bluemoon over there and I am a Mod if you need help.

It is called Hidden Places.