Comment: All men are created equal is just stupid phrasing!

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All men are created equal is just stupid phrasing!

Men are NOT created equal
---Not by capacity to work, shirk, think, or drink
---Not by capacity to articulate or to genuflect
---Not by capacity to enumerrate or fact-check
---Not by capacity to educate, nor by 'city formulate, nor by 'city meditate

Men = man and woman in this context

State-Less Society is a Statement-Less Society

Only "authorities of final say" can articulate "rights"

1) If we cannot agree on which God or if any God gave us these rights then to civily move forward there can be no "god-talk or god-rationale" as the basis for "rights"

2)If we agree to not re-deploy a false-economy then we can give no group of men the right to said articulation -- nor can all the men of one time period be in 100% agreement and that agreement lord over all new men/women/children of the next generations or who arrive from different lands.

Unions create by-laws and codes of conduct.

There can only EVER be temporary unions (this of course has to be by agreement and understanding).

I can never forsee a time when all men (whow are not created equal) will stop seeking to "balance the score" by union or collusion force.

I could forsee a self-diminishing minarchism where the exponential graph never quite reaches zero and goes on forever approaching zero.

Zero being |liberty| (read "absolute liberty")

Simplistically the first rule of |liberty| = |immortality|


Absolute-Liberty requires Absolute-Immortality

The closest we could get would be "mind our own possessions and defend those we want to (for as long as we want to) -- with no requirements for either."

Where to "mind" means "to the best of your ability"

Property is a false-notion -- Without immortality your "ownership" is temporary (at best) -- even with immortality your defensive-tactics (intellectually and physically) must be superior to all covetous types.

If we cannot force nature to give us eternal life (seems religion and science believe that this particular universe will end then immortality is NOT possible) then how to we create immortal edicts to protect property in absolute terms?

Man conceives of "rights" whereas nature does not.