Comment: I am not dodging anything

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I am not dodging anything

Your entire argument is based on these parallels of Vespasian writings and Hebrews? ----the KJV of Hebrews to boot---as a proof?

You do know you are quoting the English translation of the Bible made about 1500 hundred years after the events occurred--long after the Roman Empire kicked the bucket. So how does KJV Hebrews happen to match so perfectly with the translation of Vespasian comments? Now that a seems like a leap of faith to me!

It sounds like someone after the fact have "re-translated" Vespasian words to match up with KJV of Hebrews in order to support their thesis.

So unless you can direct me to an unbiased translation of Vespasian's commentary prior to the KJV of Hebrews, that I may compare for myself, I say your current source is compromised.

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