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Then why would you send me a link from them (ISO)? That is anathema to me. I wouldn't trust a thing they said and see it as subversion. I realize that enemy is in the white house, but I view ISO as a pack of jackals, or part of them. I am very upset about even watching the video. You may have sent the link before, I can’t remember now, but it is very upsetting now. You say this: “Welcome to the battle, Bear, it is nice to see the girls showing how the men should act.” And then you proceed to send me a link of 2 women speaking for ISO. I am deeply offended and am angry. What exactly are your intentions? I don't even know what a volutary socialist is and I fear it is an enemy.

Yes, I saw that this OP was now down voted, and it makes me mad. But I am also afraid of you. Tell me what is a voluntary socialist and why are you sending me involuntary socialist links. I looked at the ISO homepage it has a fist in the air. I am angry and scared. Our country and I am sorry I am calling it that is being ripped apart at the seams and the jackels are gathering and it is those ISO people that will be responsible for cleansing the population so everyone can be volunatarily part of nothing, but in reality there will be a criminal at the top much worse than what is at the top now.

Did you see War Horse?

I did. Our nation and dont get mad at that term. I am sick and tired right now of making sure every word that comes out is correct. Here, Here are These United States…that horse. And you are scaring me with the socialist stuff.