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I appreciate your insightful reply. I am influenced

by 3 experiences of public school:
1. My own student days filled with mostly rote teaching and "correct" test answers that did not foster creative or critical thinking.
2. My brief experience as a student teacher; I was given a choice to either lead my class in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag or leave the program. I left.
3. Extensive reading of John Taylor Gatto's works including his astounding The Ultimate History Lesson on YouTube. If you've not seen this I highly recommend it. Part 1 is a bit slow but all 5 Parts are well worth the time:
4. I homeschooled my kids and found the children I met in a quite large, extended support group very well adjusted and happy and interested and engaged in diverse studies. When my son attended one semester of high school the experience was so bad we never repeated the mistake.
Thank you for being one of the dedicated teachers trying to open doors for the youngsters forced to attend.