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Yes Sweden is still a welfare

Yes Sweden is still a welfare state and definitely not a land of liberty, but it is true that they have reduced property, income, and corporate taxes as well as cap annual government expenditures. It is also true that the government has recently paid off ALL debt. Fortunately the Swedish people were able to vote on adopting the Euro over a decade ago and narrowly voted it down despite the huge government propaganda.
Volvo was sold to Ford over a decade ago for a fair amount of money, it was Ford who sold to china for a next to nothing. And unlike the 'conservative' US government they refused to bailout their auto industry even with all the pressure from the unions.
However it is true that Sweden has considerably raised taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and gas that nearly cover all the other tax reductions but like I said the country folk of Sweden are still country and the art distilling and curing is alive and well.

This post is not about the wonders of Social Swedish but instead about how eliminating national debt, reducing taxes, and restraining government is good for the economy even during a crisis despite what Keynesian garbage bernanke or krugman continue to spew. Thus providing evidence that Ron Paul's economic solutions work.