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Fellow Patriot,

I look at this whole relationship between citizens and our representatives (government) as like a game of chess, a very long game of chess that EVERYONE is watching. If we choose to play the game (assuming we have a choice to participate) we ought to know the rules of the game and the odds that play in/out of our favor. Fortunately, we do live in a country that has a system to where WE can change the rules, for better or for worst, when its needed. Constant Vigilance is the only requirement to make this possible. The reason the system is failing or seems "rigged" is that, it is a system that was designed for unity of principles not unity of party and its lubricated by Fiat and not Fairness. Now, If we choose not to play (and one can assume we all have that choice) and simply walk away from the opponent on the board everyone watching is going to consider the last one remaining as the victor (even though, morally, they could not be farther from it). This is how evil wins and maintains power, because WE THE PEOPLE acquiesced to the watchers, to our frustrations and sorrows. The Power of today is concentrated because we allowed it, Period. Power is power and it is all around us (in the wrong hands and the right). Knowledge is power, freedom is powerful, and truth destroys those who can't except either. Throughout our long history we have been playing this game individually and collectively and we have won one both fronts. If, in your mind, this legislation can not and will not pass then it has already failed...for you. Remember: In a Republic (based on individual rights) the system does not Fail you. You Failed the System. Just Don't EVER give up.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~