Comment: The biggest challenge this movement faces is ego

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The biggest challenge this movement faces is ego

We all agree on so much. We all agree that the system, in its present state, must end. We ALL recognized this. We all see truths and many of those truths are common ground such as ending the Fed, the need for systemic reform and a more sound system of currency. To me, that's where our commonalities end and we all branch off in different directions from that point. Some are more concerned about individual rights, some are more concerned with enforcing justice on those who've created our modern system. Some want to focus on the government, some on the corporations, some on the international bankers... we all get wrapped up in allowing our personal views to divide us from our common goal. The globalists, nationalists, banksters and others prey on these differences and feed the flames.

It is my opinion that we need to stop focusing on what phase 2 is going to be and just finish phase 1. That phase is ending the current system. I say this because we're never going to get a consensus on phase 2 until phase 1 is complete. The ideological differences on phase two are simply too diverse to get everyone on the same page until we reach that point.

I know many of the more strategic members of this movement will insist that we must map out a whole big-picture plan in advance, but those of you who've really had to deal w/ next-level strategy know that once the first shot is fired, all the plans go out the window... A short story to illustrate my point here: I have an uncle who is a decorated US MARINE who has a whole lot of strategic experience on battle-fields, "policing" operations and survival. He and I very rarely see eye-to-eye, but both of us share the same overall goals. One nugget of wisdom he shared with me when I was a younger man, was about starting a family. I told him I had a plan to have XXdollars saved up, have a home in a good school district, have my car paid off, etc., before I wanted to have children. He told me that if I waited until I felt like I was "ready" that I'd never feel ready and that my wife and I wouldn't have children. A few years after that conversation, my wife and I (nowhere near "ready" in our eyes) were "surprised" by an unplanned pregnancy. This forced us to transition into parenthood and "family-mode" if you will. The priority-shift was actually pretty easy and only required slight modification to make things work. The social things every single person takes for granted had to be traded for the familial responsibilities every parent understands... That pregnancy was "the first shot" and all the planning we'd spent years on was out the window. We weren't even playing the game we had built our strategy around and the new game had a completely different set of rules. There was no possible way for us to "plan" for it until we were in it.

I believe that while this analogy may seem like a stretch to some of you, it is a perfect parallel to what this movement seeks to accomplish. We want to give birth to a new nation. (I know many of you see it as reclaiming our own nation, but because this involves changing virtually everything about the current system, to me it's a new "life"). We know what we want this "child of liberty" to grow up to be, but I'm sure all the parents out there can back me up in stating that while our parental guidance is important in shaping the kid, the kid will grow up on his/her own terms and there will be bumps in the road, wrong-turns and out-right detours while heading down the path.

None of can even guess what the best strategy will be for rebuilding America after the system collapses. We still don't know what the circumstances will be that will bring about this change. We don't know whether our new America will be male or female, artistic or athletic, analytical or emotional... maybe it will have "special needs". We know that we want what's best, but at this point all we can do is focus on bringing this "new life" into the world and then once it's here, then we can determine how to best go about helping it to grow and mature into something we can be proud of.

I'm excited about this opportunity to bring a new life into the world with you... but for now, let's not discuss how our "son" will grow up to be a starting linebacker for an NFL team, or how our "daughter" will be a ballerina w/ some world-renowned dance-troop. All that will come later.

Let's focus on the now.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?