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You conflate Tip 2 with the other points.

The main thrust of the OP is to "forgive", that is understand the majority who are duped by the actual perpetrators. And that is not just "Progressives" but Conservatives and all of the general mainstream that is clueless and unaware or unthinking about their own complicity in keeping the evil people of the world in power.

"Forgiving" the actual perpetrators is the hardest step of all, and not all of us can see the wisdom of that strategy. I think it is more about keeping one's balance and mental health than about giving any concessions or not holding evil doers to full accountability.

Honoring and defending the victims is indeed a moral requirement IMO. How we most effectively do that is to keep the truth of their martyrdom, the invalidity of rationales for their victimization, an important legacy in our educational efforts to those who are blinded by popular media and censorship and bread and circuses.