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Progress summation

Along this path on this invention, this form of currency, which is a text message posted on a virtual forum, not unlike a notice in the newspaper, and not unlike a series of pamphlets tacked onto a public access billboard, so far, the opening statement reports a condition of life on earth, at present, and general measure of potential change from that point of measuring here and now.

We will go, generally, deeper into the abyss where the false advertizement championed by Hamilton was to gain credit by gaining debt, which is exactly significant in that specific case.

Hey, you.


Look at how good credit is, so here have this, it is wonderful, and very good for everyone, so take it, it is free, and don't listen to those naysayers, they are anti good credit, they are haters.

They are Anti-Federalists.

Hamilton stuck a false, but attractive, front on DEBT, and that false front was something The People already owned, which is CREDIT, or the capacity, the willful employment of productive capacity, to use scarce power given by God, and then make the powerful things that make life worth living abundant, and the false claim was to dangle a campaign promise of something for nothing, as if The People could earn Credit without actually applying individual invention, adaptation, psychological and physical labor, within the animated contest of competitive freedom.

Look ma no hands.

You can get this, and all you have to do is give me the keys to the National bank vault (it was a Federation not a Nation then).

People like Daniel Shays, or Patrick Henry, say, ahhhhhh, this is a familiar story, the liar is selling DEBT SLAVERY.

What to do, what to do, when The People have able representatives who stand in between the wannabe Masters and the Targeted Innocent Slaves?

Call them Anti-beings, call them the opposite of what they are, create a Man of Straw, and place that false front in front of the Truth.

Will the people buy such lies?

Talk about gambles.

Talk about betting the farms.

What if The People don't buy into False Credit which is in fact Debt Slavery.

Not to worry, there is one born every minute.

Get up.

Go to the bathroom.

Look in the mirror.

Then return and respond if you are a Friend of Liberty, or if not, hide, and kick out the weaker people who are hiding in those few remaining places, growing more and more scarce by the minute, where cowards can still hide, find a skirt, hide there, find anywhere to hide while you still can.