Comment: Stop lying about Swedish

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Stop lying about Swedish

Stop lying about Swedish politics!
TexanInSweden, what purpose do you have with lying about Swedish economics and politics?

Sweden has the highest taxes of all countries in the entire world. The so called "right wing" government is the most socialist government in the whole world. Swedes elect either the most socialist government in the world, or the most socialist government in the world. Those two are the single alternative.

51½% of GDP is confiscated by the government, that's about one-and-a-half times the level in the US or Germany, right?

Sweden is also one of the most indebted societies in the world. The government's debt isn't very high, but that's because they steal other peoples money in gigantic scale. If Greece introduced the same tax level, they'd be able to pay all government debts too. Swedish households have debts of about 170% of their yearly income. When the bubble crashes in Sweden too, which of course it will any time now, you'll government deficits in the range 10-20% av GDP there too. The housing price bubble is just a temporary illusion.

Our so called right-wing government, the most extremist socialist government in the entire world, promises to never ever change anything, to never ever lower any tax. Mass media makes sure that the topic of economics never is allowed to be debated in any way. Government owns and bribes most mass media in Sweden.

So called welfare programmes are expanding explosively without limits. Real estate taxes are continuously increased. Well, everything you write is totally wrong! Why are you lying, TexanInSweden? What purposes do you have with your lies?