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You're right!Sweden is

You're right!
Sweden is headed down hard now. We're at the top now, because our housing bubble hasn't crashed yet.

100 years ago many very successful companies were founded in Sweden. But since then taxes have six folded. 40 years ago Sweden was almost as prosperous as the US and Switzerland, but now Sweden is the poorest country in nothern Europe. And this is when we are at the absolute top now, we haven't had any financial crises yet. Housing prices have increased thus far. As a child, I could never have imagined that the utterly poor war torn Finland would surpass Sweden in prosperity, they were very very mush poorer then. But here we are.

Even now at the top of the bubble, unemployment is massive. Social problems are huge and just keeps getting worse. This is the peak, it can only get worse and much much worse. Sweden is now half-islamistic, we're the Saudi of Europe, and it won't be pretty when the shit hits the fan anytime now. In Sweden it is illegal to debate any sociatal problems, so no solution is possible. Sweden is a very dangerous hell hole.