Comment: They understand.

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They understand.

They understand here. They just don't want it to work. I don't see how anyone can't understand that.
If it works they won't be able to turn us into slaves.
Pump all of our money to China via free and unfair trade(we cant compete w/ workers that make a fish head and a bowl of rice a day)
then borrow the money from china and the corporations that that instigated this.
This started after Kissinger went to China and "opened it up".

Take a look and pass it around the Web as much as

You have to watch out for homegrown Israeli agents infiltrating your organization. They are highly skilled by culture and religion to lie, cheat, steal, bribe, corrupt, and deceive their host to no end.

Just throw in some treasonous sellouts who throw us to the wolves for a pocket full of gold and you have the recipe for where we are at today.

You're being very foolish and naive if you believe otherwise.