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Comment: Understanding people....

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Understanding people....

helps you to deal with them.

Humans are animals, wired for survival. To increase our odds of survival, we join groups for protection.

Groups to which people cling include religion, political parties, sports teams, families, nations, etc. We chant USA during the Olympics.

If the group to which people belong is threatened, they get scared. That is the depth of most people's thinking. This is why discussions are often irrational. To most people, it doesn't matter if their group's beliefs make sense. They just need the group.

Which is why Santorum was a team player. It is all a contest between this group and that group. Principles are unnecessary.

I've been pondering lately how to weaken attachments to groups. I'm thinking if you create in them a greater fear than that of losing their group, you might get somewhere. For example, if an asteroid was heading toward us, suddenly our attachments to groups don't matter as much.

So rather than attacking Romney or Obama or the party, it might work better to promote the idea of a collapse coming our way. While everyone quibbles over Romney's tax returns, or Obama's birth certificates, there is an asteroid heading our way!

Politicians use fear tactics to gain support - Iran, people dying without gov't healthcare, etc. So we should do the same.