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Comment: While I have had the highest respect for Dr. Paul's positions

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While I have had the highest respect for Dr. Paul's positions

for many years, when he announced his presidential bid in 2007 I said to myself, "Oh boy, here we go again. Another hopeless Don Quixote type campaign that nobody will get excited about."

I had issues with Paul's presentation: an often whiny, scratchy voice, a way-too-meek body language that squeaked submissiveness, his old age and his pencil neck with a head that bobbled around like a rag doll's when it's shaken.

I had seen plenty of him in action in 1988, cringing over and over at his weak performances. I figured I'd have to support him again but was not looking forward to it.

Then I discovered YouTube and watched video after video showing the enormously powerful feelings of thousands of brand-new Ron Paul supporters who watched him in those early debates and were stunned that someone, a politician and Republican no less, was finally making sense and had such courage of his convictions that he was willing to tell the truth on the debate dais surrounded by neoconservative scoffers. I viewed footage of marches and demonstrations, sign waving, huge turnouts unlike any politician was receiving at the time (although Obama approached it later with his hope and change campaign). That's when I began to get excited about Ron Paul's potential.

It was the outpouring of love of others less jaded that made Ron Paul a must-follow beacon for me. Many of those others have no doubt frequented Daily Paul as I have over the past five years, so thank you! It is to you that I owe my new-found appreciation (OK, love) for Ron Paul.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.