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Differences in culture & relgion

But... there is another distinction as well: Religion.

The south is predominantly Catholic. The cultures look to a "Padron" in Spanish - strong man / father figure. The cultures are more fatalist and the individual is not championed. Family first, community second, the individual third. It is more class based. Hard to rise above your "lot in life" so why bother. Institutions can't be trusted. Cronyism is the rule, not the exception. In fact it is celebrated and awarded. Aristocracy flourishes.

The north is predominantly Protestant: Lutheran, Anglican, Calvinist, Reformist.. etc...

The cultures do have strong family and community but the individual is considered. Being industrious is valued. Personal achievement is OK. Frugality is valued. Rule of law is valued. Sound money is valued. Systems are valued. Strong institutions are hallmark. They are more focused on merit than cronyism.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo