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Comment: Tip #? : When Someone Offers You Advice, Listen to It

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Tip #? : When Someone Offers You Advice, Listen to It

NOTE: Don't necessarily follow the advice, but listen, actually listen to it - especially if it is bad advice or you expect it to be based on who is giving it. You can learn an awful lot about people from the bad advice they give.

Keep in mind that hearing is passive, LISTENING is active. Nod appreciatively. Mumble many 'uh-huh's. Thank them for sharing their viewpoint.

Then, go ahead and do what you were going to do anyway. When things go good, go back and thank the person again for their help.

When it doesn't work out, go back and tell the person you wish you'd done what they said (good or bad).


First and foremost is to avoid an argument. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. And it is especially bad form to attack this unsolicited type of advice since the person giving it is offering you a gift even though you may view it as an intrusion.

EXCEPTION! If their advice could cause harm then by all means differ. This tip isn't trying to condone wishy-washiness.

Chris Indeedski!

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