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Am i lying? I know for a fact

Am i lying? I know for a fact that i am paying less income tax and property tax then i have in the past decade. I am paying less then 300 USD a year in property taxes for 2 properties which by the way is 15 times less than I paid in the US. But again I am not defending Swedish socialism, it makes me nauseaous, I am stating that Swedens current economic policy of paying off the national debt and lowering taxes (albeit very high taxes) is counter to what every other country in western civilization is doing during the current crisis, and it works.

Now the argument that Sweden has the highest tax rate in the world can be debated depending on whether you are including the hidden inflation tax. Unless you have other information, from what i understand the Swedish central bank is not printing several trillion dollars every year. While the taxes are extremely high here at least the swedes are honest about taxing their citizens to death.

The housing bubble is another issue altogether and highly depends on where you live. Southern Sweden has out of control prices and is obviously not based on reality. However if you live in the northern forests of Sweden you can purchase a family farmhouse with barn and several hectares of farming land for 125,000 USD (1,000,000 SEK). You can also purchase nearly 80 hectare of productive forest for that price. Which I am sure most readers would agree is a fair price. On a side note the housing prices have slowed down quite a bit now though that the banks require a 20% down payment.

You are absolutely correct about lack economic debate in swedish media and the fact about a government controlled media. However I think you will be hard pressed to name one country that does not have government controlled media.

You are also correct about the lack of choice in Swedish politics. While I can not vote in national elections because I refuse to become a citizen and accept a King, when I do vote in local elections I vote Pirate party (Internet freedom) or Swedish Democrats (anti EU).

You are also correct that the Swedish central bank will collapse just like all other state sanctioned and enforced monopolies to create money are destined to. And yes I know that the only way to truly realize liberty and freedom is to allow the open competition of currencies. Again the purpose of this post is to point out that Ron Paul's economic policy of reducing taxes, national debt, and government is good economic policy, even for the over taxed, over governed keynesian poster child state of Sweden.